Sounds of Progress

I’m sitting here at the farm listening to the wonderful sound of dairy goats bleating, periodically drowned out by the noise of a hammer. My ears have never been so happy! The goats are the newest addition to the Rita Rose Garden & Sustainable Farm – they arrived on Friday after our veterinarian consultant and I traveled to Homa Bay to meet the farmers who have raised them and to ask some final questions about their breeding and care thus far. We now have a total of six new friends who will feed on the many different plants around the farm, and whose manure will make a highly nutritious fertilizer for everything we grow! We’ll be able to sell goats’ milk and kids to make some great revenue for the Kisumu Children’s Rescue Center. The hammering is the sound of work being done on the new poultry house we’re building! Soon there will be 400 chickens strutting around, laying eggs and providing another incredible source of revenue for the KCRC, nutritious manure for our plants, and more happy sounds on the farm!

I really can’t believe the incredible progress we’ve made in the few short weeks since I’ve arrived. Erick, Peter, and the whole team here have worked so hard to make all of this come together and I feel so lucky to be here at such an exciting time. Erick often says to me, “Erin, I think you will be the luckiest Advocate,” and I would have to agree! My time here has come when the farm has just started to acquire livestock and is poised to start generating a lot more revenue, and when all the hard work that has gone into creating sustainability and management plans is starting to be truly evident. I’ve also been lucky enough to learn about horticulture and various plant species from Peter and about very many things, both agricultural and otherwise, from my good friend Erick.

With all of this learning and progress happening, two whole weeks have snuck by since I’ve updated you all! I’ll keep trying to post more often, but if you’d like more frequent updates you can follow me on Instagram @eringilc – there are almost daily updates about what’s going on and I’d love to share that with all of you.

If you don’t have Instagram, here are some of the photos I’ve been posting lately:


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